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p2p4wsn - Efficient Data Management in Mobile Sensor Networks using Peer-to-Peer Technologies

The primary research goals are the integration of mechanisms and methodologies learnt from peer-to-peer research in the field of sensor networks. It appears obvious that several technologies developed for peer-to-peer systems can be directly applied to the open issues in multi-hop ad hoc sensor networks because the primary structure of both network types is identical. Peer-to-peer networks try to build an overlay structure on existing networks. Using this overlay network, new communication paradigms can be applied and special hardware and software required for interconnecting single nodes in the physical structure are hidden from the applications point of view. The primary goals of peer-to-peer systems were the allocation and distributed utilization of available resources such as processing power and data storage.
The figure shows the principles of the intended construction. The physical sensor network is mapped to an overlay network as described in the peer-to-peer research area. At this level, task selection, data location lookup, and data forwarding is optimized. Finally, the single operations such as store and forward are mapped to lower level functionality.
In the proposed research plan, the primary focus is on task allocation, data storage, data aggregation, and data transport in multi-hop ad hoc networks.
The lessons learnt in peer-to-peer research should be applied to the field of sensor networks and embedded systems. Besides the described similarities between both research areas, the main difference is the problem of low power resources in typical sensor networks. Therefore, the algorithms must be analyzed and possibly reconstructed with the power consumption in mind.
The final objective is to develop methodologies for task allocation and data management which are very efficient in terms of speed, adaptability, and power consumption.
PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Falko Dressler

Dr.-Ing. Abdalkarim Awad

Laufzeit: 1.4.2006 - 31.12.2009


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