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Software-in-the-Loop Simulation and Testing of Highly Dependable Distributed Automotive Applications

Electronic units are increasingly integrated into vehicles and gain more and more importance. This affects the domains of control and regulation as well as of information and communication. To handle this growing complexity during the product development process poses a hard problem. As a consequence, errors often remain undetected until integration. At this point, error correction leads to a high effort in time and money. Therefore, test processes must be extended also to earlier stages so that the increasing complexity becomes controllable.
The main focus of this work lies on the validation and verification of the DECOS (Dependable Embedded Components and Systems) integrated architecture for highly dependable embedded clusters in the automotive industry. The AEV (Audi Electronics Venture GmbH, Ingolstadt, Germany) is supplied with a cluster that can be used for simulating highly dependable distributed automotive applications, such as a driver assistance and collision avoidance system by means of a Matlab/Simulink Model in the Loop (MiL). The goal is to extend this model in such a way that the most significant features of the DECOS integrated architecture are taken into account. This requires to
  • simulate a time-triggered network communication between different simulation blocks, representing the ECUs of a vehicle, based on the DECOS virtual network (VN) concept using FlexRay as communication core.

  • simulate a time-triggered inter-process communication between the different tasks and processes inside one single ECU, represented by a set of simulation subsystems, based on the DECOS encapsulated execution environment (EEE) concept.

  • simulate the behavior of a time-triggered core operating system, for example OSEKtime or TTPos in the simulation model.

  • simulate the middleware as a connector between DECOS high-level services and the application code in the simulation model.

  • generate and evaluate test cases, for example with software implemented fault injection (SWIFI).

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhard German

Dipl.-Inf. Thorsten Frunzke

Automotive Technology, Dependable Embedded Components and Systems (DECOS), Simulation of Time-Triggered InCar Communication, Model-in-the-Loop, Testing

Laufzeit: 1.12.2006 - 29.2.2008

AUDI AG (Ingolstadt)

German, Reinhard
Telefon +49 9131 85 27916, Fax +49 9131 85 27409, E-Mail: reinhard.german@fau.de
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