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The pe Rigid Body Physics Engine

This research project focuses on the development of the pe physics engine. pe is an advanced C++ framework for the simulation of rigid, completely undeformable bodies with arbitrary shape. pe offers both collision solvers for physically accurate simulations as well as fast solvers suitable for computer games. The major focus of pe are large-scale and massively parallel rigid body simulations with up to several billion interacting rigid bodies. The currently largest simulation with 28 billion non-spherical bodies was performed on the SuperMUC Petascale System at the Leibniz Supercomputing Center on 262144 processor cores.
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüde

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Eibl, Dr.-Ing. Kristina Pickl, M. Sc.

computational granular dynamics, multibody dynamics, particle simulations, contact problems, rigid body simulations

Beginn: 1.1.2006

Preclik, Tobias
E-Mail: tobias.preclik@fau.de
Pickl, Kristina ; Götz, Jan ; Iglberger, Klaus ; Pande, Jayant ; Mecke, Klaus ; Smith, Ana-Suncana ; Rüde, Ulrich: All good things come in threes - Three beads learn to swim with lattice Boltzmann and a rigid body solver. In: Journal of Computational Science 3 (2012), Nr. 5, S. 374-387
Preclik, Tobias ; Rüde, Ulrich: Numerical Experiments with the Painlevé Paradox: Rigid Body vs. Compliant Contact. In: Eberhard, P. ; Ziegler, Philipp (Hrsg.) : Proceedings of the IMSD2012 - The 2nd Joint International Conference on Multibody System Dynamics, May 29 - Jun 1, 2012, Stuttgart, Germany (The 2nd Joint International Conference on Multbody System Dynamics Stuttgart 29.05.2012--01.06.2012). 2012, S. I--X.
Popa, Constantin ; Preclik, Tobias ; Köstler, Harald ; Rüde, Ulrich: On Kaczmarz's projection iteration as a direct solver for linear least squares problems. In: Linear Algebra and its Applications 436 (2012), Nr. 2, S. 389-404
Preclik, Tobias ; Popa, Constantin ; Rüde, Ulrich: Regularizing a Time-stepping Method for Rigid Multibody Dynamics. In: Samin, J.C. ; Fisette, P. (Hrsg.) : Multibody Dynamics 2011 (Multibody Dynamics 2011 Brüssel 04.--07.07.2011). 2011, S. 78-79.
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Bartuschat, Dominik ; Fischermeier, Ellen ; Gustavsson, Katarina ; Rüde, Ulrich: Two Computational Models for Simulating the Tumbling Motion of Elongated Particles in Fluids. In: submitted to Computers & Fluids, preprint in arXiv (2015), S. 1-23
Preclik, Tobias ; Rüde, Ulrich: Ultrascale simulations of non-smooth granular dynamics. In: Computational Particle Mechanics (2015)
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